April 30, 2021

Pentagon Lobby Rebrand

Office of the Pentagon gets a quick rebrand to help accentuate their services

Refreshed lobby wall
Calvin Prichard
Written by

Calvin Prichard

Subtle rebrand gives an office a fresh look

After some deliberation, it was decided that the old vinyl wall wrap was to be retired and replaced with a new eye catching wall display. Nothing to over the top, but enough to give the space some new life, and bring the offices core services out front and center. The vinyl wrap was removed, the wall refinished, painted, and prepped for the signage and lettering to be installed.

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The finishing touches

Once the main wall was completed we continued to paint and finish the surrounding walls and begin installing a desk cover to finish off the space. The cover was designed to help hide some of electrical conduit that was running along the front side of the receptionist desk. It included four ball catch fasteners to allow easy access for future inspections (or if the electrical connections were ever needed).

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