February 19, 2021

Timsco Lobby Rebrand

A much needed refresh is designed, printed, and installed for our front office lobby.

Timsco lobby rebranding
Calvin Prichard
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Calvin Prichard

Front Office Lobby Rebranding

There was a lot to be desired when it came to our customers first impressions when walking into our buildings front office. The space that once was brand new and cutting edge 30 years ago had since lost its luster, modern character, and relevance to wide format printing. Considering that branding in the form of 3d lettering, signage, wide format printing, and installation is our core business; we desperately needed to make the time to get this house project completed. The first step was coming up with a design that showcased our production capabilities, that was modern and not too busy.

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There was a lot of space to work with in the area we decided to renovate. The original sketch was quickly drawn up, approved, and laid out in illustrator to get a final mock up with all elements finalized and positioned. Construction of the lobby followed soon after. We opted for channel lettering pin mounted with halo back lights to accent our logo with aluminum lettering beneath. The lettering was set on top of a faux brick that much easier to work with and cheaper than real mortar and stone. We used a wood panel material with heavy texturing to give the wall more dimension and finished off the wall with a TV so news and other branding material could play for customers waiting.

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The final lobby came out looking great. We have already used this as a reference tool for customers in the greater Washington D.C. area who are interested in rebranding a lobby similar to this or even a smaller project inside an office space or conference room.

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