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Retail Banners at the Lowest Rate

Keith Prichard - Friday, January 09, 2015
U-haul Banner

Recognize This Banner?

For decades, Timsco has been the go to source when it comes to large scale banner orders. High quantity banner production with a shipping department capable of distributing individual packages across the U.S. is why businesses like U-Haul consistently rely on us. Over the years, our production capabilities have expanded and created more flexible accommodations for your printing and finishing needs.

Thermal Banner Welder

A thermal welder shown to the left allows for banners to be hemmed without stitches via heat welding (bottom left). Although conventional stitching is still available (bottom right).

Banner Hemming 

Hemming banners not only strengthens the edges but allows for a single sided banner to be folder over into a double sided banner, thus creating a banner sleeve. This is a popular way to display banners because it is a more affordable alternative to a double sided banner, change out is easy, and existing structures can be used. Hardware can also be used to keep the banner up as shown in the picture to the right.



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Indoor Retail Banners

 Indoor Retail Banners   

Indoor retail banners offer a economical way to create aesthetically pleasing elements to a space or to advertise directly to your customers. By utilizing our high quality digital or screen printing processes, your indoor banners are sure to stand out from the crowd.

 Imdoor Retail Banners


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