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Large Outdoor Bar Codes

Keith Prichard - Thursday, December 05, 2019

    Variable bar code labels have been around for decades. Originally conceived in the late 1950’s, it was an idea to have products in grocery stores automatically identified at the cash register. This idea was thought to be useful for a wide range of industries and applications. From retail stores labeling consumer goods, to identifying rail cars for national freight companies, the convenience of having a fast and reliable way to identify goods was increasing to a necessity. So much so, that the Department of Defense began using the bar code to track items sold to the military in the early 80’s. From then on, bar codes have been a staple in every aspect of inventory management for industrial and consumer goods.

XL Variable Bar-Codes

    Most barcodes are small stickers printed with thermal ink that are rated for short use indoors. When one of Timsco’s customers asked for extra-large barcodes that would last months, even years outdoors, we had to create a solution that would last outside, be reliable and repeatable, and allow for easy installation in the field. 

The end result was a variable barcode that was printed on a super cast vinyl, measured 10” x 5” and had consistent print quality for scanners in the field to accurately identify inventory throughout the U.S. The decal sheet was back slit for easy application and had multiple decals per sheet to allow for barcode placement on all four sides of a large object and even a smaller version for the paperwork. If you are having trouble tracking vehicles, containers, equipment, or any other large objects, consider using these XL exterior/interior barcodes for a quick solution to your inventory management.


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