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Double Sided Window Decals

Keith Prichard - Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Double Sided Window Cling


Two Way Window Decals for Retail Locations


Two sided window Decal

     Our two way readers are sure to draw attention even in the busiest advertising spaces.The re-positionable decal sticks to the inside of the window allowing for customers to view the message inside and outside the store. Unlike current digital processes, the conventional screen print process allows for the brightest colors to be used in contrast with rich dark colors like the blue and yellow logo on the decal to the right. The term 'two way reader' has common name substitutes such as double sided window decal, inside glass decal, and dual view window cling. There variations in names are substituted in the industry but ultimately mean that the graphic is dual sided and is viewable on both sides.  


Single Sided Window Decals and Clear Static Clings

Clear Window ClingAlthough two way readers offer maximum impressions, single sided window decals may be an economical alternative to advertise to your customers. Window DecalClear static clings can offer visibility and attractive designs while maintaining the ability to reposition when necessary. Clear window clings are popular among many locations that may require change outs often. In the picture below an HADCO VISA cling is ready to be positioned on  entrance door glass.     Credit Card Window Cling


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