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Call: 301-423-1900


Camper Wrap

Keith Prichard - Monday, November 04, 2019

  With only one week to turn an unimpressive, beige, pull behind camper, into a modern sleek marketing machine; Timsco installers were put to the test. From day one we were on the clock removing old sun baked decals, removing handles, doors, covers, hinges, and prepping the work piece for wrapping. With an event slated for Friday at noon, every working hour was critical. By Wednesday mid-day, only half of the black vinyl was installed. With time running low, we extended the work days, added helping hands, and came up with an alternative method for pin stripping the gold accents on the sides. By ditching the predetermined sizes and labeled items, we switched to a more traditional method of pin striping by hand using mock ups, printed layouts, and eye ball experience to install quickly and accurately. When the customer arrived noon Friday, we were finishing the last final touches. Over all the wrap came out on time and looking amazing. Painted black trim and accents on the spare ties, lights, and handles helped completely convert this camper into a modern work of art.





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