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Call: 301-423-1900


Bloomberg Cheese Boxes

Keith Prichard - Friday, May 31, 2019


Custom-Made Cheese Boxes

Here at Timsco, we pride ourselves on the adaptability and versatility that enables us to handle all sorts of interesting and unique printing projects. These cheese boxes were challenging and fun to produce. 4 cardstock inserts were printed per box, along with an environmentally friendly label produced with glue and specially-sourced paper, instead of a vinyl material. The wrapping paper for the boxes was scored with a CNC router and then carefully hand-folded to ensure each box received a perfect fold. To cap it off, the boxes were assembled and kitted with envelopes and inserts, before being packed into hundreds of FedEx boxes for easy distribution. There is no printing job too unorthodox for Timsco’s capabilities!


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