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Auto Dealership Graphics are Given New Life!

Keith Prichard - Friday, January 02, 2015


Affordable Outdoor Dealership Graphics 

With the some of the best advertising real estate, it is no surprise that dealerships are home to such a wide variety of promotional items. Thousands of potential customers are drawn by the eye catching graphics used for showing deals, sales, events, and other attractive offers. When clients use TIMSCO, costs are lowered significantly by using the same company to produce and install many different promotional graphics including:

  • Window Graphics
  • Pole Banners
  • Large Format Banners
  • Decals
  • Floor Graphics
  • Vehicle Wraps/ Decals/Lettering
  • Permanent Signage (including post and panel and other durable signs)
  • Banner Stands (including retractable, outdoor banners, banner flags, and others)
  • Much more not listed..

Use Uniqueness as an Advantage Over Competitors 

 Aluminum Signage

The importance of having outdoor promotional graphics to attract customers is significant, but having a good appeal on the inside of the showroom will set your dealership apart from competitors and will help persuade purchases. Interior graphics and designs are an important factor to customers as it reflects on the dealerships concern for quality and detail as well as giving over all good aesthetics to the showroom. The example above shows the sleek design of aluminum signage mounted with stainless steel standoffs. Other examples and samples of interior graphics are shown below:

  • Aluminum Signage
  • Perforated One way Readers
  • Wall Decals
  • Lettering (Various forms including vinyl and aluminum in examples shown)
  • Window Decals
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Floor Decals
  • much much more..


 Below is an example is a Perforated Window Decal used to make a one way window reader


Below is an example of Wall Decal used in a maintenance bay 

Wall Decals  

Below is an example of high quality Aluminum Lettering used to designate counter space

Aluminium Lettering



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