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Call: 301-423-1900

Screen Printed Banners and Posters for the Advertising Industry

Screen Printed Banners and Posters for the Advertising Industry

Project description:

High-quality Timsco Graphics banners are a favorite with the advertising industry because they are fast, affordable, and effective in both indoor and outdoor applications. We manufacture banners of any size or quantity, in numerous colors, and with a wide variety of finishing options to deliver your advertising message with maximum impact.

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Costco Pole Banner

At Timsco Graphics we create outdoor custom banners that will withstand the elements and get potential customers’ attentions, rain or shine. We are capable of fabricating banners with dimensions from 1' x 1' to 10' x 20' and can create larger ones upon special request. All of our banners are screen printed, CAD-cut, and designed for long-term outdoor durability and color-fastness. Materials of construction are matched to application and include 6–18 oz., single or double-sided paper, vinyl, Tyvek®, nylon, polyethylene, or mesh. Non-fading UV inks and solvent inks are used to achieve long-lasting, richly colored graphical appeal. Various options, including grommets, hemmed pockets, hemmed-in roping, temporary stick-on supports, and stress-relieving wind slits facilitate installation and keep your banner getting noticed while insuring its longevity.

In quantities from a single banner all the way up to 1,000 or more, we provide sharply-designed, durable, and low-cost solutions that deliver a clear and meaningful advertising message directly to your target audience. If you want to achieve outstanding results from your next indoor or outdoor custom banner advertising campaign, contact us to learn how we can help.

Highlights of our Screen Printed Advertising Banner Capabilities

Screen Printing Capabilities Applied/Processes
Screen Printing
CAD Cutting
- In-house, grommet, hemming, rope, wind slits, Stick-On
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Epson, Seiko, Acuity - Oce Digital Printers or Screen Printing
CAD cut- Graphic tech machine cuts out letters on vinyl
Types of Banners
Pole banners, retail banners, mesh barricade fence graphic banners, sales banners
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Material Used
Banner stock 6oz to18oz, single or double sided, all long term outdoor durability and color fastness, Paper, Vinyl, Tyvek, Nylon, Polyethylene, Mesh
Outdoor, nonfading ink, UV Ink, solvent ink, dye-sublimation (ink dyed into material so it will last longer)
Grommets – Punched through your banner, usually at the corners to use as a reinforced support area for hanging with rope or screws.
Stick-On® - Temporary banner supports for hanging with rope or screws.
Hemming – Technique used by folding over sides of banners to resist tearing and fraying. The sides are sewn or heat welded into the banner creating a pouch perfect for hanging rods or rope. Hem tape is a common, inexpensive alternative.
Rope – TIMSCO's finishing department has the ability to sew rope into the hems which is the most durable way to hang outdoor banners.
Wind Slits – Relieve the stress of wind from large outdoor banners and get the most life out of your signage with banner slits. TIMSCO can strategically place each wind slit in your banner to keep it looking great while insuring your banner will last a while.
Industry for Use
Real Estate
1 - 1000+
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
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